Verdaguer Festival


The Folgueroles calendar is filled with events in the second half of every May to celebrate the birth of the poet Jacint Verdaguer. The first large celebration was held in 1908, with the unveiling of El Pedró, the monument presiding over the square. However, the tradition of the festival got underway in 1952, when it began to be held continuously and became an annual event for people who love language, literature and nature.
It includes ancestral traditions like May Tree, popular events like the Floral Offering and the Folgueroles Dance (which is danced one day a year), the Old Poetry Book Market, the musical poetry festival called Flors del Desvari, lectures, games, recitals, hikes and much more to celebrate the anniversary of the poet in a peerless natural setting.


Ballets de Folgueroles Ballets de Folgueroles
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